Unbelievable! First win in the Saison 2018 at the Formula Student Italy, but let us roll up the whole winning story from the beginning.
Giulia was the second car who finished the Tech Inspection at the first day of the competition. On Thursday, the first event on the program was the Business Presentation followed by Tilt, Noise and Brake Inspection for the Scrutineering. Friday morning was all about Engineering Design and Cost Report Presentation for the Statics. After we finished this, we did the last preparations on the Practice Area for the Skid Pad and Acceleration Events for the next day.

New World Record in SkidPad for Giulia, she broke the record of 4,710 seconds from Victoria, our TANKIA2017! She did it in 4.651 seconds, which means she is the fastest combustion car in the Skid Pad Event. Unfortunately, we had two times a suspension failure on the car, so the technical crew had to deal with a very high pressure to get the car back on track on the same day. Therefore, it was much more astonishingly that our driver could push the car to the 1st Place in Autocross in only one counted lap! As always in Formula Student, the last day of the competition is dedicated to the Endurance Run. Winning the Autocross means being the last one on track to drive the Endurance, so we had enough time on sunday to prepare our TANKIA2018 for the 27 lap’s long run. The weather turned from 34°C sun shine to 23°C heavy rain during the competition, because of this conditions the race director waved the red flag and the endurance run was interrupted for 45 minutes. After the rain stopped, the Endurance race started again and the track dried very quickly, so Giulia could start on the slick tire. This overall win is making us so proud!

We are proud to present you the best results:

1st place Autocross
1st place SkidPad
1st place Business Presentation
4th place Design Event

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors for making it possible to go on this journeys with our Giulia.

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