15 Years Anniversary – TU Graz Racing Team

15 years ago some “bored” students from the TU Graz came together to create something new. The idea was to participate at the Formula SAE, which at the time was little established in Europe. 14 months later the team presented the first racecar to the public and a story of success begun.
Now, 15 years later, we can look back on many successful years. 14 combustion cars and 3 electric cars were constructed, manufactured and raced by many generations of students on 3 continents/ in 7 countries. The results are countless trophies, almost infinite experiences and knowledge gained as well as a fantastic team-history. A history which we are not only proud of, but also want to keep alive.
Therefore we did exactly that for our anniversary by allowing all engines to roar again at a driving-event with and for all team-members and alumni. Of course we won´t keep the pictures and video created at this event in fall for us. 😉
At this point all that´s left to say is: “Thank you”. Thank you to all sponsors as well as the TU Graz, who supported us over the past years. Thank you to all organizers of the international Formula Student events. And at last, Thank you to all the team members, who probably spent more time on the project than they should. 😉
TANKIA 2018 will be shown to the public as the 15th combustion car this spring. And surely it will continue the legacy. 😉

More Pictures: