Tankia 2004

The Tankia 2004 has been the first car of the TU Graz Racing Team. After one year of planning we began to realize our concept and were able to present – right from the beginning – a car that was able to compete at events. Since the foundation of the TU Graz Racing Team it has always been standing for uniqueness and working with great enthusiasm. Therefore we decided to name our racing car with a special and unique name – Tankia, which is the abbreviation for “There Are No Kangaroos In Austria”.

Because the concept of the Tankia2004 was to be a solid and reliable car without any complex technology we were even more surprised when we realized that we as newcomers were able to compete with teams that have been taking part at the Formula Student for several years.

Our victories prove it: 3 top 10 placements in England, overall 2nd place in Germany, overall 3rd place in Italy

  • Open wheel / open cockpit
  • Tube frame
  • Wheelbase 1625mm
  • Gauge 1200mm
  • Weight 250kg
  • Engine power 95 PS
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h 3,6s