Tankia 2005

After a successful first season we took the chance and made a big step to compete at the top of the field. Our aim was to use unconventional solutions in all technical areas.

The main change was the chassis. We designed a complete carbon fibre monocoque just like in the Formula 1. The rear end was made of aluminium, which has been a premier in the Formula Student series. It combines the components of the suspension and also carries the differential gear. Another highlight is the electronic-pneumatic gear shift, which is controled by a column gear change behind the steering wheel. Further highlights are the new graphic display, electronic systems, the traction control and the possibility of recording data. Our successful season looked as followed: overall 4th placement in England, overall 1st placement in Germany and an overall 1st placement in Italy.

Die erreichten Erfolge des Tankia 2005 sprechen für sich: 4. Gesamtrang in England, 1. Gesamtrang in Deutschland, 1. Gesamtrang in Italien.

  • Open wheel / open cockpit
  • Monocoque
  • Wheelbase 1575mm
  • Gauge 1200mm
  • Weight 220kg
  • Engine power 97 PS
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h 3,5s