Tankia 2006

To improve the many technical demanding solutions of the year 2005, we had to put a lot of effort and know-how into the Tankia2006. But we would not be the TU Graz Racing Team if we were not able to manage this task. The guidelines for the new car were very strict concerning weight, performance and design. The idea of the carbon fibre monocoque and the aluminium rear end were consequent taken over and with complex simulations we were able to improve the components and reduce its weight drastically.

A new multifunctional CFK steering wheel enables the driver to get a constant reply of all data measured during the driving and an additional telemetry system and radio communication allows him to have permanent contact to the pit.

With the Tankia2006 we achieved our greatest victories and have been announced Europe’s best Formula Student Team: overall 2nd in England, overall 1st in Germany, overall 2nd in Italy

  • Open wheel / open cockpit
  • Monocoque
  • Wheelbase 1575mm
  • Gauge 1200mm
  • Weight 185kg
  • Engine power 99 PS
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h 3,5s

Current Location: Hangar 7