Tankia 2008

The Tankia 2008 is the latest race car of the TU graz Racing Team. It was presented to the public on the 25th of April 2008 in the Congress Graz.

After having achieved such great success with our previous racecars, we put a lot of emphasis on achieving better ergonomics for our drivers to make the handling better while driving along the racetrack. Now it is possible to carry out setup-changes much easier and faster. With our more spacious Monocoque the driver has now an improved seated position, which we optimised with tests during the season. With an even better dispense of the engine the driver will be able to drive more sensitive.

With a multibody-simulation we were able to find an improved reading and an easier setup-finding. This gave us the chance to already simulate a virtual circuit
for our Tankia 2008 during the construction phase. As in the previous year our racecar is made of a carbon-monocoque with carbon-wishbones and 13“ carbon-rims. Servicing is now made much easier thanks to a parted carbon rear. Even the Aerodynamics and the engine cooling could be improved through extensive testing on test beds.

But not only new technologies on our Tankia 2008 make it a unique race car, it also shows one of the most beautiful, agressiv and elegant designs of all cars in the Formula Student.

Current Location: Carbotech, www.carbon.at