Tankia 2009

The Tankia 2009 is the newest race car of the TU Graz Racing Team. On the 24th of April it was presented to the public for the first time in the Kammersäle in Graz.

Caused by the changes in the rules for the new season our designers had to change the usually slender form of the monocoque. The whole car is higher and seems bigger. The wheel base and the width of the car remained the same. The aerodynamical design of the new car was carried out using CFD simulation. Especial attention was paid to the construction of the chassis. Pushrods were used on both axles. To cot down on weight the wheel carrier was made from titan. Electronically adjustable stabilizers permit ideal setups for every race track. The suspension was realized through torsion bars, which one can prestress and are also used in Formula 1.

Launch- and traction control and ABS system enable an easier handling for the driver. Gearshift and coupling work electronically. A self developed gear box makes it possible that the power spectrum is adjusted to the individual disciplines. The Yamaha R6 engine performs 99 PS.

Despite the altered form of the race car the affiliation to the Tankia family is cognizable. The Tankia 2009 makes his debut in July 2009 in Silverstone.