Statement COVID-19

At the start of this academic year we thought that the biggest challenge we would face this season was building our racecar. Highly motivated, the team threw themselves into the new season, relentlessly planning, organizing and constructing. At that time, nobody had expected that a few months later COVID-19 would be leading to states of emergency all around the world.  

Unfortunately, the TU Graz Racing Team is no exception from this. The legal measures of the Austrian Federal Government to prevent new infections with the COVID-19 virus have also had a considerable impact on our work. As the health and safety of the team is our top priority, the TU Graz Racing Team created strict rules to be obeyed. Thus, we are currently concentrating on the tasks that can be done well from the safety of our homes.

However, in every crisis lies great opportunity. And the current situation hits the TU Graz Racing Team in a phase of transition and restructuring. After 16 years with a combustion engine, the TANKIA 2020 will be powered by electric motors which is why the whole vehicle has to be redesigned. The current situation therefore gives us time to realize many solutions and ideas which could not be dealt with in detail during the construction phase due to the tight schedule for such a large project.

The cancellation of the competitions in summer and the current situation all over Europe complicate planning our season, but we will still do everything in our power to make the TANKIA 2020 a competitive electric car, even if the time horizon for this project is currently not foreseeable. To make this possible, we still need the support of you, who have been supporting us as sponsors – often for several years – and everyone else who has been following our journey.

In conclusion, we can only do what everyone else is suggesting currently and ask you to stay home and practice social distancing as much as possible so that the measures of the Federal Government will be eased in the foreseeable future. Because only then we can again join forces to pursue our passion and complete the TANKIA 2020.