Since 2003 we annually construct and build a race car to compete in the international Formula Student and Formula SAE events. Because of the international participation and the common mix-ups with Austria abroad we named the series TANKIA.


There Are No Kangaroos In Austria


The vehicles from 2004 to 2011 were powered by a Yamaha R6 engine with 4 cylinders. The cars were successful right from the start and so TANKIA 2005 was able to clinch its first victory in the Formula Student competition in Italy.


Between 2010 – 2012, additionally to the TANKIA series with combustion engines, three electrically powered cars from the MaxWheel series were also created. During the first two years in the TUG E-Power Racing Team, and finally together in 2012, the team made their first contact with the Formula Student electric class.


After eight successful years, the changeover to a KTM single-cylinder engine finally took place in 2012, which provided propulsion in eight other vehicles in the TANKIA series. In addition to the changed concept, the vehicles of this era are also characterized by increasingly sophisticated aero packages.

from 2020

With the TANKIA 2020, the TUG Racing Team is now finally switching to the electric class of the Formula Student. From 2020 on the next TANKIA racecars will be powered by electric motors.