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The car doesn’t just look good, it is also full of advanced technology.

We have managed to reduce its weight once again to a total of 140kg. This is not only due to our first single part monocoque, our 10” triple spoke carbon fibre rims also play an important role.

As in our last year’s car , we have used a single cylinder KTM engine, the same one used in the EXC 500, with approximately 60 bhp. This single cylinder engine will give us an advantage and gain us precious points in fuel efficiency and of course keep the Tankia’s weight low. The weight question also demanded that our exhaust system be lightweight and thus Remus Exhaust built the exhaust system we developed in the team HQ from titanium.

The Highlight of this years car is definitely the aero package. Together with the team of 2012, who were preparing for the U.S. competition, we reintroduced wings to a Tankia the first time since 2005. Built in old Racing Team manners out of Carbon, our Wings have an overall weight added of only 10kg.

A very interesting achievement regarding the suspension is our self-built and developed triple spoke carbon-fibre-rim. TU Graz Racing Team’s years of experience meant that we were able to develop and build these rims in our own workshop. As well as our rims we built and developed our hollow-design carbon fibre wishbone. Strangely enough these two components were actually baked in an oven which is really intended for rolls and bread!, Anyone can have an autoclave and necessity is the mother of invention.

The Tankia has electron beam sintered wheel mounts. These have a closed hollow structure and, like our exhaust system, are made of titanium. We have also developed our own steering rack with compensation for play.

The electronic components of our car are also something special. There is a live telemetry, Datalogger and an electronic clutch with a brushless motor. The gears are changed, as in most other racing series, via the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The Tankia is steered by our self-developed carbon fibre steering wheel with a 3,2” display inlet, on which all relevant information can be checked by the driver. Furthermore, our TANKIA 2013 is equipped with a launch control for acceleration as well as numerous sensors that will give us an advantage over other teams

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