Formula SAE

Formula SAE is an international design competition, taking annually place at 8 different locations. Since 20 years this event is staged in the United States with Europe joining in 1998. Students from more than 400 universities around the globe are competing in Formula SAE.

The setting of Formula SAE is an assigment from a non-existent company for student teams to build a prototype of a racing car for hobby drivers which has to be conceived for a production of 1000 cars annually. This vehicle has to fulfill certain requirements. Consequently the competition tries to put all aspects of the car to test, starting from the construction concept, driving performance as well as cost calculation and business plans. Accordingly the Contest is split into dynamic and static events.

Judges, sent from the F1 and the automotive industry, are judging in the static disciplines. Here, the teams performance is judged in innovation, creativity as well as keeping economical resources in mind. The dynamic disciplines allow the teams to showcase the performance of the car in a variety of tasks aimed at testing every aspect of the vehicle. In total 1000 points can be achieved in 8 different disciplines. The events follow a strict rulebook, similar or shared between the different competitions, allowing teams to participate in Formula SAE worldwide.


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