The TU Graz Racing Team was founded in summer 2002 and is located at the University of Technology in Graz. We develope, construct and build a new race car each year. We compete in the international Formula Student / FSAE Series together with over 500 Teams worldwide.

Team structure

Around 50 Students from different backgrounds, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or business economics combine their knowledge in a multidisciplinary manner. Our Team is split in 8 different departments, each wich up to 15 members, which all work together in their free time.

Our goal?

Building the best Formula Student car possible.

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis/ Aerodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Suspension
  • Vehicle Dynamics/ Data Acquisition
  • Organisation & PR
  • IT

What distinguishes us from other student teams?

We are organized similar to an actual professional company working in the motorsport sector. By being part of the TU Graz Racing Team every member´s ability to work in a team is strengthened in addition to acquiring new qualifications and core competences. Of course hacing fun and the motivation of building something yourself also plays a big part. Therefore we work focused and self-responsible on building our racercar. As a team, we work together with our supporters on ressource-management and modern production techniques to make every TANKIA the best it can be.

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