The TU Graz Racing Team is located at the University of Technology in Graz. We are developing, constructing, building 1 racing car each year. We participate in the Formula Student Series together with over 400 Teams worldwide.

63 Students from different backgrounds, such as mechanical and electrical engineering as well as business economics, combine their knowledge in a multidisciplinary manner. Our Team is split in 6 departments, in which 5 to 18 co-workers are placed.

The general Goal, to build the best Formula Student Racing Car, is accomplished mostly by the technical departments, such as powertrain, chassis, electronics and suspension.

The students are spending their free time on this project, in order to accomplish the goals set in advance.

However, it is only working if everyone is working hand in hand as part of a team.

What distinguishes us from other teams is the fact that we work as professional as a company, but are bound together like a family.

Being part of TU Graz Racing means that you will acquire new soft-skills that are essential for the working life after graduating from the university. The main source of motivation is fun and the teasing wish to build a proper racing car. The racing cars are entirely self-developed and manufactured and by doing that, we are building strong ties to a variety of companies.

Last but not least, a lot of bachelor and master theses are influencing the outcome of the TANKIA 2012.